Chevy and Ford Repair & Service – Oakdale, MN

Oakdale’s Auto Repair Experts

Chevy and Ford are the biggest names when it comes to domestic vehicles and are well recognized American car brands. Domestic vehicles are known for their affordability and reliability, and are the most commonly driven vehicles in the United States. Domestic vehicles are also much cheaper when it comes to cost of repair, thankfully for you. At Carworks in Oakdale, MN, our ASE certified technicians provide expert services, maintenance, and repair for your Ford or Chevy vehicle.

Henry Ford’s unique vision of car manufacturing and assembly in 1902 set the standard for decades to come. Because of Henry Ford, the average american household could now afford to own an automobile. Ford is recognized as a solid, reliable car manufacturer, much like how Carworks in Oakdale, MN is recognized for delivering excellence to customers. Our service bays are home to ASE certified technicians who excel at working on your Ford and Chevy vehicle.

Chevy, or formally known as Chevrolet, has been owned by GMC since 1918. A Chevy is an affordable, reliable automobile that provides power and stability. Chevrolets are also well known for their sporty Corvette and Camaro car models. Our expert staff at Carworks are accustomed to working on your Chevy and we use the latest tools in the industry to ensure accurate, dependable repairs the first time. Our Ford and Chevy repairs are backed by an amazing 24,000 mile / 24 month warranty! With an offer like this you can rest assured that you are in the best hands and that your vehicle will run smoothly on Oakdale roads.