Transmission Replacement

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Your transmission keeps your car running smoothly, allowing you to effortlessly shift between gears for the best driving experience. But when your transmission is working too hard or struggling to keep your engine at the optimal level, your vehicle may soon be in trouble.

Transmission failure can stop your car in an instant, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. Before the damage puts your family at risk, bring your vehicle into Carworks Auto Repair. Our ASE-Certified technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to identify any issues affecting your transmission to get you safely back on the road. If your transmission has failed, we most often recommend a remanufactured transmission from Dynotec with a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty. When the vehicle value does not justify a remanufactured transmission we can do a replacement with used but that savings comes with risk and is not often recommended.

Warning signs of transmission failure include:

  • Transmission fluid appears dark brown or black and smells burnt.
  • Noises like clucks, hums, bumps, or grinding
  • Leaking red fluid
  • Trouble shifting gears
  • Slipping gears or surging of the vehicle

If you notice any of these issues or changes in the way your vehicle drives, bring your vehicle in for an inspection as soon as possible. We have diagnostic tools and techniques to help determine the cause and source of these symptoms. Many times replacement of defective solenoids or switches can get your transmission shifting properly again. Catching problems early can prevent further damage, keep you and your family safe, and avoid costly transmission repairs.

Regular preventative maintenance, including transmission fluid changes and transmission flushes, can keep your transmission working at its optimal level and prevent excessive wearand tear over time.

If your transmission fails, have your vehicle towed into Carworks Auto Repair in Oakdale, MN. Our expert technicians stay up-to-date with changes in transmission technology, best transmission repair practices, and we will help you determine the most cost effective solution to the problem. Many times replacement of defective solenoids or switches can get your transmission shifting properly again. When internal damage had occurred complete replacement is necessary. In the past local transmission shops would specialize in rebuilding the component onsite, but as the number of vehicles increased and the complication of vehicles increased, this rebuild process has moved to regional specialists like Dynotec who provide specialty support for all brands. Dynotec will take your transmission as an exchange and they provide an onsite specialist to confirm the integrity of the process.

We want to take the worry out of a stressful situation, by helping you arrange a tow, offering free rides to work or home, and even providing a loaner car if your vehicle needs lengthy repairs. We can also help with financing options when needed. The remanufactured exchange program is quick and efficient and will get you back on the road quickly.

Don’t ignore warning signs – with proper care and attention, your transmission can stay healthy and run smoothly for years on the roads in Minnesota. If you have any questions about your vehicle or transmission repair, call our experienced technicians at (651)504-2558 or schedule your service online.